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At BFT Blockhouse Bay we use science and technology to drive positive outcomes – at all fitness levels. We’ve incorporated scientifically proven training techniques aimed at reducing fat and creating lean muscle into a variety of 50 minute training sessions that are overseen by highly accredited coaches in a dynamic group environment. High levels of visual content showcasing our programs are shown on multiple digital displays throughout the studio and allow our coaches to spend more time concentrating on our members!


Comprehensive tracking of your performance via
heart rate monitors.

Proven elite, high performance group training methods that are tailored to delivering the best results for every stage of fitness.

Massive variety of 50 minute programs from cardio, strength, functional, core stability, fight fit and pump (plus many more) that are never the same and will never get you bored.

Progression–based programs enabling better, faster and more consistent long term benefits.

As close as you’ll get to personal training without the cost!

No lock in contract.

Any studio use – train at any one of our studios
whenever you want!

A unique community environment that builds lasting friendships and networks while having fun.

Our Location

519 Blockhouse Bay Road Auckland, New Zealand 0600

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“Absolutely love BFT – I am there 5/6
times a week and it really is the best way
to start my days. Love training there with
my partner and friends with the music
pumping and the endorphins going.”

What Members are saying about BFT globally...


A crowd favourite! Get the best of both worlds – High Intensity Cardio mixed with High Intensity Strength. Build lean muscle and melt fat away as you work through 4 x 10min blocks of high energy work. After sweating your way through 10mins of High Intensity Cardio, you will get a short rest and while the heart rate is still high, you enter the next 10mins of High Intensity Strength workouts. Shred is the Ultimate class for those looking to get leaner and stronger.

High heart rates, lots of sweat and heaps of fun. Bring out the inner beast in a fusion of a number of martial arts disciplines including Boxing, BJJ, Judo and MMA. It’s a fun-filled, action-packed team training class where you can let off some steam and burn, burn, burn calories!! Brilliant group class where your Body will shred away fat, you will clear your Mind and leave feeling like you have cleansed your Soul.

Have you ever seen an overweight 100m sprinter? Ah… No! You will activate your fast twitch muscle fibres to build lean muscle and melt away excess fat as you work through your exercises at lightning speed. This class is fun, full of energy and gives maximum results in the minimum time. Grab a friend or pair up with someone new and sweat it out together. Before you know it, you will be high fiving each other having endured a fun but tough session together.

Whilst we love our HIIT programs, your results won’t come quickly unless you stress your body in meaningful ways. Strength is designed to give you the capability to take your HIIT programs to the next level, and build lean muscle. A really satisfying class where the endorphins explode in your body leaving you feeling exhausted but extremely happy that you pushed yourself to the limit. A favourite class amongst our existing members.

Strength Endurance does what it says… gets you Stronger for Longer! Yes, it’s a Strength class but your Heart Rate will be high and your endurance will improve meaning each session you’ll get more and more out of. With plenty of variety, you will never get bored. Your muscles will be burning and fat cells screaming as you sweat it out for 50mins of calorie burning fun. Another of our most popular classes.

A whole body workout that keeps you in balance by targeting ALL muscle groups in one Balanced session. Work through full ranges of motion while you flex, extend, twist, lunge, push and pull through 50mins of Stability, Core and Functional training exercises that leave you feeling worked but in balance and refreshed ready for the next session. Don’t be fooled, this is no easy session… but it’s a vital one to re-tune your body and maintain balance so you can keep training without injury.

A High Intensity Intermittent Training session where you will burn maximum calories and train at an intensity only possible in short bursts. Attack each short work period with everything you have and our Cardio HIIT will have you gasping for air and enjoying every second of the well-earned rest interval. Training at higher intensities will Maximise the EPOC effect where your body continues to burn calories post workout to ensure you burn fat for up to 36hrs post workout.

Ready to take it up a notch? Another HIIT session where you will feel like you are 5000m above sea level at Altitude and gasping for air. Summit has longer duration efforts specifically designed to target your aerobic energy system. Spending 50 mins in your Aerobic zone will melt fat away as the body utilises your fat stores as energy. If you think you worked hard in our Cardio HIIT… you better brace yourself for this!

Our “beach body” session where you get the opportunity to tone those areas of the body you need to be beach ready! Tunes are pumping as are your muscles as we work our way through each part of the body shaping and toning to have you in the best shape possible. A great class that keeps your metabolism high for up to 36 hours post class while your body works overtime to recover from working your muscles so hard.

A sweat fest where you will work through a full body workout mixing traditional Cardio with Metabolic complexes and resistance exercises. Short Duration Effort, Long Duration efforts and Metabolic Complexes keeps you and your body guessing and we will have your metabolism running on all 8 Cylinders. Targeting the Aerobic System to burn loads of body fat throughout 50mins of High Intensity Fun.

High Intensity Resistance Training. This class is a ripper. EMOM’s, AMRAP’s and AFAP’s. Lot’s of weights and lots of sweat. Maximum bang for buck on this 50 min sweat fest. A session where toughness is forged and seemingly impossible gains are made. Members work together and sweat it out in 50 mins of high intensity resistance work forging bonds and building relationships through hard work and sweat.

High volume, Hypertrophy style training with form and function always present. Expect unilateral loaded movements, lateral movements and a slight twist on most of the conventional strength exercises we do. A session where almost every exercise will challenge your prime movers, your stabilisers and your core. Hyper will alternate between upper and lower body programs for the ultimate, well rounded resistance program to develop that unbelievably symmetrical, lean physique.


Over four to six week blocks enabling better, faster and more consistent long term benefits. As close as you’ll get to personal training without the cost!


Methods that are tailored to delivering the best results for every stage of fitness